What happens to you if you are in an accident that leaves you unable to speak?

The Yellow Dot program is a system to alert first responders at an accident scene to search for medical information about the injured.  This program, long in place in some eastern and midwestern states, is now available nationwide.  The Yellow Dot program has proved valuable in providing medical personnel with vital information about the victims during the first critical hours after injury, often called the “crucial golden hour”, when prompt treatment is most effective, especially if the victim is unconscious or unable to speak.  

According to USA today, “It is simple but effective:  Participants in the program receive a yellow dot to place on the rear window [of their vehicle]; it alerts emergency services personnel to look for a corresponding yellow folder in the glove box.  That folder contains a photograph, their medical information, their medical conditions, prescriptions and other vital information.” 

“The nation’s first Yellow Dot program began in Connecticut in 2002.  Yellow Dot programs, with slight variations from state to state, are in counties in eight other states”, and are now available to residents of all states.  Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) in all states have been trained to look for Yellow Dots on vehicles involved in accidents. 

“It is nice to see innovative programs to address the unique risks associated with older Americans [and people with disabilities] and car crashes” says Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. “Since older individuals tend to have more medical conditions, are on more medications and are generally more fragile, this [is] a well-justified program, especially in light of the growing number of older Americans.”

As a Yellow Dot participant, your personal medical information if under your control at all times, as Yellow Dot does not collect or record any information about you. 

Different size booklets are available, and are described in following pages.  

The latest version of this program, initiated by a resident of Reno, NV, is available to you for a very nominal fee of just $5.00.  You will receive a Yellow Dot sticker for your vehicle and a multi-page Yellow Dot booklet into which you enter your photo and medical information.  A Spanish translation is available.  Contact Yellow Dot at http://www.Yellow-Dot.com (this site) or send email to http://www.YellowDot@juno.com.  You may write to Yellow Dot, P.O. Box 8161, Reno, NV 89507 to purchase a booklet and sticker.